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Deutsche Gedichte (German Edition) [Paul Fleming] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Paul Fleming: Deutsche Gedichte Edition Holzinger .
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Und sei es auch das eigene Leben. Ich sehe dich atmen, doch du bewegst dich nicht. Ich sehe dich rennen, doch du bist schon lange stehen geblieben.

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Du siehst mich an, doch du schaust durch mich hindurch. Du bist in einer anderen Welt. Du bist fort. Denn ich kann gar nicht beschreiben, wie ich das alles vermisse. Ganz einfach nur ganz nah bei Dir.

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"Die Lorelei" by German Poet Heinrich Heine

Ich liebe Dich. I love you more than you could know from the top of your head to the nail on your toe. When I fell in love with you, it made a wreck of me. I get too hot and sweat a lot. I hardly eat a bite.

Der Erlk├Ânig (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) [Deutsch][HD]

My pulse beats like a kettle drum and keeps me up at night. I loved the way you stared at me, looking deep into my eyes. I loved the way you smiled at me, showing those pearly whites.

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I loved the way the way you talked to me, your voice sounding so pure. I loved how I told you everything, this I know for sure. I loved the way we got competitive, when we played those computer games, I loved how we spent all year together, and you never not once changed. Yes, sometimes you had your moods, but they never lasted long, I always cheered you up, because we always got along.

'Gerhardt' (= 'Deutsche Gedichte' - German poems, fascicle 2)

Love how you always understand I love it when you hold my hand I love it when you make me smile And how you never make me cry. I love how we can talk for hours And how the smallest kiss has so much Power. I love the silly things you say I love that you always brighten my day I love the random things you do. It was love from the start, you came and stole my heart.

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When I first looked at you, and you looked at me, I blushed and smiled with glee. Visit website. OperationMedia See more. Sudoku Ultimate. An infinite number of Sudokus in one app! The Addition Game.

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Train your brain with the Addition Game. See more. Poesi - Enjoy German Poetry. Lukas Hermann.

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An Anthology of German Poetry. Gedanke zum Tag - Robert Betz. Robert Betz.

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My thought for the day "with Robert Betz through the year. German Poets and Poems - offline. Thousands of great poems available offline with great poets and their poetry.