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This is a list of political parties in Germany. The Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany, . Partei für Arbeit, Rechtsstaat, Tierschutz, Elitenförderung und basisdemokratische Initiative, Die PARTEI, Martin . The Right Die Rechte, Christian Worch · Neo-Nazism, .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.
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From this perspective, the absence of a legal threshold within Germany seems legitimate. At the same time, almost all German pollsters traditionally refuse to present vote shares of minor parties, saying that this would be statistically unreliable. So the German pollsters have left it up to this article to speculate about which minor party could make it to the European Parliament.

It entered the European Parliament in with 1. In the election for the national parliament Bundestag, the party reached a record high of 1. In , the regional elections in Bavaria While the party only won 0. Three percent is a strong result in the rather conservative and rural South Eastern German region. Despite struggling with several split-offs, Die Tierschutzpartei has received record highs in regional and national elections since their success. This election result would mean 2 MEPs for Tierschutzpartei.

Realistically, Die Tierschutzpartei, as the most prominent and established animal welfare party, will manage to surpass the threshold but the result may be lower than what INSA predicted in April Their German counterpart is still recovering from a phase of infighting after their initial electoral successes in the early s. She recommended not to vote for the party due to sexual harassment allegations against the number two on the electoral list.

I. Einleitung

After the party entered the EU Parliament in with just 0. In fact, it was quite the contrary. Social conservatism [7]. Peter Vehreschild.

Am rechten Rand - Wie radikal ist die AfD? [DOKU HD]

Alina Komar. Unconditional basic income. Bavaria Party Bayernpartei. Florian Weber. Autonomism , Bavarian nationalism , Regionalism , Conservatism. Post-left anarchy , Dadaism. LaRouche movement , Conspiracism. German Centre Party Deutsche Zentrumspartei. Political Catholicism , Christian democracy , Social conservatism.

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Democracy in Motion Demokratie in Bewegung. Julia Beerhold, Alexander Plitsch. Renate Schmidtsdorff-Aicher. Communism , Marxism—Leninism. Roberto Rink. National conservatism , Social conservatism. Animal rights Environmentalism.

Anti-racist demonstrators counter neo-Nazi march in German city of Goslar

Gabi Fechtner. Marxism—Leninism , Anti-Revisionism , Communism. Christian Bethke. Centre to centre-left. Party of Humanists Partei der Humanisten. Robin Thiedmann. Social liberalism , Secularism. Party of Reason Partei der Vernunft. Friedrich Dominicus.

EU Elections in Germany: which minor parties will make it? - Europe Elects

Socialist Equality Party Sozialistische Gleichheitspartei. The Frisians Die Friesen.

Ralf Bieneck. Ethnic minority interests. The III. Path Der III.

Klaus Armstroff. The Republicans Die Republikaner. Kevin Krieger. German nationalism , National conservatism , Euroscepticism , Social conservatism.

The Right Die Rechte. The Urbans. Eine HipHop Partei. Irene Garcia. Social liberalism , Spiritualism. Manfred Rouhs. Right-wing populism , Counter-jihad. Roland Wegner. Animal rights , Environmentalism. Volt Germany Volt Deutschland. European federalism , Progressivism. Bavarian Peasants' League. Christian Social Party. The Goslar counter-march was similar to another one held last week in Berlin to disrupt a right-wing Alternative fur Deutschland AfD demonstration with the same "Day of Germany's Future" slogan.

In Berlin, the AfD march with some 4. In last September's general elections, the AfD became the first far-right formation to obtain parliamentary seats in the Bundestag since the 50's. It became the third largest political force in Germany after it won English edition World.